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Even though some wireless routers/access points can be configured to automatically choose the best channel, their algorithms can be obscure, the majority simply default to channel 6, and it is a good idea to survey your site and manually pick the best channel to use. Since wireless channels generally overlap (as explained in more detail here. What channel should you use in a crowded area? If you want maximum throughput and minimal interference, channels 1, 6, and 11 are your best choices. But depending on other wireless networks in. Currently, many wireless routers automatically select the channel for you upon initial setup, where depending on your wireless environment, it could lead to slow WiFi speeds and interference. This article will describe what interference you're dealing with and takes you through the steps to selecting the right channel, so you can understand why you should choose between channel 1, 6, and 11

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  1. Use Wifi Analyzer to see what channels are in use and to identify the best channel to set on your router. Step 1: The first time Wifi Analyzer is launched, it goes straight into the Channel graph.
  2. WiFi Analyzer for Windows is an effective software that can detect WiFi interference issues and find the best channel for you. It uses your PC/ computer or mobile device as an analyzer for your wireless network and find the best place for your router. WiFi Analyzer also displays the network details to help you learn more about the network and channel you are using. It helps in detecting the.
  3. However channels 1,6,11 do not overlap by design so if possible use one of these channels. Too many devices on the same channel or on over lapping channels can result in poor performance and speed. How do I know what channel other networks are on using my iPhone - is there a iPhone Wifi Scanner? 1. Yes there is a free iPhone Wi fi analyser.
  4. Using Wifi Analyzer showed I was on Channel 6 along with about 6 others. Channel 11 only one had one other, so I changed my wifi signal to use channel 11. Immediately after I ran Speedtest and got.
  5. On your wireless router's setup page, you'll find an option to change your WiFi radio channel or WLAN channel. For the 2.4 GHz band,you'll have channels 1 through 11 to choose from
  6. With all that said, perhaps it's best to stick to the channels in the first Band I talked about earlier (36, 40, 44, 48), because these are designated for domestic use and are least likely to get interference from exterior factors. As these tend to be the default channels, there will be more people using them, which is why you should use a WiFi checker to find which ones are.
  7. There are three channels that tend to provide the best results. The three channels include 1, 6 and 11. These channels will work exceptionally well on non-MIMO setups. They should provide you with the very best speeds and the smallest risk of interferences. Be sure to experiment with these channels a bit to find the one that works best for you

To find the best WiFi channel using NetSpot for Android: Download NetSpot for Android from Google Play Store. Launch the app. Switch to the Comparison tab and instantly see which channels in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands are used the most. You can exclude a certain channel from the comparison by tapping the small checkbox next to it. iOS. Not many iPhone and iPad users know that AirPort Utility. Besides using channel 1, 6 and 11, you could further use the following methods to select the best channel: How to Increase Wi-Fi speed by choosing right channel? Android-WiFi Analyzer App To be able to communicate with each other, all the components of a WiFi network must use the same channel. For a WiFi network in infrastructure mode, the channel be defined by the access point. However, most people use the default channel. Multiple networks sharing the same frequencies, in the same area, can lead to several problems: Slow connection. Connection timeout. For best results, you. Wifi Analyzer - Find Best Wifi Channel & Location The apps that we are going to share will scan all the wifi networks that are available to you and then it will show you the perfect network. Moreover, it will also help you to find the best location to use wifi network in order to get the maximum speed. So follow up the below steps to proceed. Also Read: How To Find Devices Connected To your.

How to Choose the Best Wi-Fi Channel for Your Networ

Set 5 GHz WiFi channel width to 20, 40, or 80 MHz. Wider WiFi channel widths— including 40 MHz and 80 MHz— are best used in the 5 GHz frequency band. In this band, there are not only significantly more WiFi channels, but also less overlapping channels (24 out of 45 do not overlap). As such, the 5 GHz band is known for being less crowded and. Does a WiFi extender have to be set to the same channel as the network it is extending? It depends on what you're calling an extender. Some cheap devices simply rebroadcast the signal. They use the same channel. Much better is a router/repeater... As was the case in 2.4, 802.11n gave us the ability to use 40MHz channels. From there, 802.11ac now allows for 80MHz and even 160MHz wide channels! These wide channels are created by bonding 20MHz channels together, again using the center frequency to denote the channel. For example, channels 36 and 40 (each 20MHz) are bound together to make 40MHz channel 38, etc WLAN (wireless local area network) channels are frequently accessed using IEEE 802.11 protocols, and equipment that does so is sold mostly under the trademark Wi-Fi.Other equipment also accesses the same channels, such as Bluetooth.The radio frequency (RF) spectrum is vital for wireless communications infrastructure

For 2.4ghz, use non-overlapping channels 1,6,or 11. 5ghz, it varies by country. You need to try what works best for you. As mentioned above, a wifi scanner takes the guess work out of finding the best available channel. So, what is the best channel? In the following image, I'm using a software called inSSIDer (developed by MetaGeek.net) to survey the wireless broadcasts in the area. As you can see, the 2.4GHz frequency offers 11 channels to choose from, most of which are already in use by several neighbors nearby. A closer look reveals that some wireless SSID's are using two channels and those. WiFi channels can be difficult to pick. With 11 channels to choose from in the United States, and networks all over the place, it's hard to know where to set.. When designing a WLAN, you might wonder about the best WiFi frequency for your network deployments. Should you use 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz?The answer would depend on your network needs. This article will help you understand when it is best to use 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band frequency to provide a well-performing wireless experience

The Best 5Ghz WiFi Channel for Your Router [August 2020

The best channels to improve WiFi can vary greatly due to that but generally, at least in the United States, channels 36, 40, 44, 48, 149, 153, 157 and 161 would be the best choices. Related: 7 Best Portable WiFi Routers for Travelers. How to Change the WiFi Channel on Router. Now you know the best WiFi channel for your router, all you have to do is change it. How do you do that? This can be. There are more than 40 channels on a video transmitter (VTX) you can choose from, sometimes even up to 72. It can be confusing for a beginner as which channel is best to use. The decision comes down to whether you fly alone, or with other people. Best VTX Channel for Flying Alone If you [ Use channel width to set high throughput mode channel width in order to maximize performance. Auto (default): For band 5GHz, this setting uses 20/40/80/160 MHz depending on the wireless access point or router; 20 MHz; Ad-hoc channel 802.11 b/g. Ad-hoc channel 802.11 b/g is the band and channel selection for device to device (ad-hoc) networks. To deal with Wi-Fi channel overlapping, you'll need to find out Wi-Fi channels used by neighbors and change your router to use different channel. How to check what Wi-Fi channels are in used? Here, let's assume there is no WLAN network using hidden SSID. On Android, I recommend this intuitive app called Wifi Analyzer. On Windows, you can use a built-in but not so intuitive console. It uses dual-band Wi-Fi, which means it connects to two different frequencies, to give you an even stronger Wi-Fi signal. Get the best from your new Hub One router by using devices alongside it which work on 5GHz. Newer computers should work fine, but older machines might need a bit of upgrading. You can do this easily using a dual-band USB dongle

How to Find the Best Wi-Fi Channel with Wireless

Step 2: Click Wireless 2.4GHz, then Wireless Settings. Change your Channel and Width settings to preference, then click Save. Change the Channel (channels 1, 6 and 11 are generally best, but any channel can be used). Also, change the channel width to 20MHz. Step 3: Repeat for Step 2 for 5GHz if your 5GHz network has interference problem. Note :For 5GHz, we recommend you use channel in Band 4. Channel 1 would also be a good channel to try and would behave in the same way as channel 11. Additionally, channel 14 is the next best frequency after 11, however not all equipment can use this. Changing the wireless channel: The following article will help you change the wireless channel on your router: Changing wireless channel When using multiple WiFi access points/routers, you should manually select the WiFi channels used to ensure that they use different channels that do not overlap with each other. Otherwise, they will interfere with each other, and degrade performance. Make sure they all share the same network name and security set-up (e.g. wireless password). As previously discussed, with 2.4 GHz there are only. Identify what channels the neighbors are using; Choose the best channels for your WiFi network; Perform throughput testing on your WiFi network to determine what ZigBee channels they will interfere with Deploy ZigBee networks on channels that don't receive interference from your WiFi, or the neighbors WiFi˜ ZigBee and WiFi Channel Chart. Click here to download a reference chart for ZigBee and.

Choose between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels. Decide which frequency you want to use for your wireless router. Usually, 2.4 GHz is the default as a lot of devices don't have access to 5 GHz. However, newer and higher models of wireless routers do have 5 GHz. If your router has this, it's suggested that you use it as this frequency has less. Here is a list of Best Free WiFi Analyzer Software for Windows. These free software are used to scan WiFi networks and analyze their performance data. All of these software can analyze WiFi networks in real time and simultaneously show the analyzed data in a tabular form. The analysis data include network name, BSSID, signal strength, signal quality, bitrate, channels, security, encryption. If your router doesn't support automatic channel selection, choose whichever channel performs best in your network environment. That varies depending on the Wi-Fi interference in your network environment, which can include interference from any other routers and devices that are using the same channel. If you have multiple routers, configure. It could be the WiFi channel your router is using. Frequency bands, WiFi channels, and your WiFi performance. Our routers use one of the two WiFi frequency bands for signal: 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. Some routers are dual-band routers, so you can choose which frequency band to use for your wireless network (Check out this article by LifeWire on the pros and cons of each). The main difference between.

Unlike NetSpot and NetCut, WiFi Analyzer is intended primarily for home or temporary use. It is an app for Windows 10, available on the Microsoft Store. It comes in basic and pro versions, and the basic version includes everything you need to analyze your Wi-Fi network. The app takes your network and turns the data into easy-to-understand visualizations, suggesting which channel you should use. When channel selection is set to automatic, your router selects the best Wi-Fi channel for you. If your router doesn't support automatic channel selection, choose whichever channel performs best in your network environment. That varies depending on the Wi-Fi interference in your network environment, which can include interference from any other routers and devices that are using the same.

What are the best channels for my wireless router? In the 2.4 GHz band, channels 1, 6, and 11are the best options for a router because they do not overlap with other channels. What channel is best for 5GHz? In the 5GHz band, channels 36, 40, 44, and 48 are reserved for domestic use and so do not overlap with bands used for commercial, weather, or military purposes. Should a wifi. Choosing The Right Channel. You can use the Killer Control Center's Wi-Fi Analyzer to determine which channels are least used on each band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and change your Wi-Fi router's settings accordingly. Here are some tips on which settings to choose: On the 2.4 GHz band, which is usually Wireless-N, always choose Channels 1, 11, or 6. Try to pick the emptiest of the three, using. Best WiFi Channel provides tools to scan and analyse your own and surrounding WiFi networks, measure signal strength and provide information on how potentially improve your WiFi network. Easy to use, with no confusing graphs or maps, Best WiFi Channel will help you select the best channel for your WiFi network in no time. In addition, you can run the built in signal strength tool and move. ZigBee and WiFi channel numbers may seem similar, suggesting that they won't overlap. Unfortunately, this is not the case. 2.4 GHz WiFi Channels. 2.4 GHz ZigBee Channels. WiFi's three non-overlapping channels (1, 6, and 11) use the exact same frequencies as ZigBee channels 11-22. ZigBee channels 25-26 aren't immune either, because they can be caught in WiFi channel 11's sideband lobe (see. I have about 7 sonos items, now all running over the wifi rather than using the sonos mesh. Oh I also recommend a wifi scanner/tool on your phone, to see what wifi networks are around and what channels they are on, so that you can set your orbi to a free channel. (i use Wifi Commander or Wifi Tool on my wp10 but am sure there are others for other os phones) Worked for me, no conflict with.

NOTE: Available wireless channels may vary depending on your region. Images and options may also vary depending on your router's model. The steps below will guide you on how to change the wireless channel of your Linksys router using the classic web-based setup page. To do this using your Linksys cloud account, click here But maybe the problem lies within the channel that you're using for your Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Channels While it's nice to think that just plugging in your equipment is all you need to have fast Wi-Fi, often this isn't the case. Instead, you'll have to access the router settings and make some changes in order to optimize your internet. One of the settings you'll find that can affect. Using a 40 MHz channel in 2.4 GHz doesn't work well, because there just isn't enough room for it. It has a higher chance of causing and receiving adjacent and co-channel interference.In 2.4 GHz, we recommend using 20 MHz channels only Which WiFi channels should I use on my Datto Networking hardware? Environment. Datto Networking Appliance (DNA) Datto Access Points; Answer. WiFi supports two different bands, which are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Each band is divided into channels. The bands and channels used for a network can greatly impact performance and reliability. Channel Width. Channel width dictates the amount of bandwidth.

How to Find the Best Wi-Fi Channel for Your Router on Any

In the Wireless Status section of your modem's user interface, you can find the best WiFi channel. If your modem isn't set to the best channel already, read on for how to change it to optimize WiFi performance Voice: When implementing voice over WiFi it may be best to limit the number of channels used. In order to roam effectively phones must be able to quickly find their next AP. Phones can sometimes be programmed to only scan certain channels to optimize roaming performance. Using a large number of channels can increase the amount of time required for a phone to scan for a new AP. Transmit Power. If your Google Nest Wifi or Google Wifi network is using a crowded channel but you aren't experiencing slow speeds, don't worry. Your point is always scanning its environment to choose the channel that is most likely to give you the best Wi-Fi. More about channel congestion. Imagine you and a friend are in a room with 10 other people. If everyone is quiet, you can still have a clear. Find out how to choose the best WiFi channel on Windows 10 For more help, go to sky.com/hel We listed the best iPhone WiFi tools and Network Analysis apps that can check WiFi speed, analysis WiFi channel, measure WiFi Signal Strength, etc. Wi-Fi Speed Tester Apps for iPhone . These Internet speed tester tool is coming handy when you want to run a quick test of your home WiFi Speed or Data Plan Speed without opening any browser on the phone. Internet SpeedTest by Ookla. This internet.

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But if you feel you're not getting the best wireless performance you can use your Hub Manager to manually rescan the channels. Here's how to refresh the channels for the different models of the BT Hub. BT Smart Hub and Ultrafast Smart Hub Open a new web browser on a device connected to your Hub and type in the address bar. This will open the Hub manager ; Click Advanced Settings. Vistumbler is wireless network scanner written in AutoIT for Windows . The main purpose of vistumbler is to map and visualize the access points arount you based on the wireless and gps data collected. Features: The current version is made for Windows 10, but should still work on 8, 7, and vista. .Net framework v4 is required. Uses the Windows Native Wifi API or netsh to find access points and. Select Setup or Wireless Settings; Click the Channel drop-down and select a number (auto is default) Click Apply; Repeat as required; Note: If you have a Sky Q Hub it will constantly look for the best channel automatically. Check out the video below which will show you how to connect to your router status page. Things to consider . Lots of things can interfere with wireless signals, many of. The Best Wireless Routers for 2020. These days your Wi-Fi router not only connects you to the Internet, but often your job, too. Here's what you need to build the best home network along with. 15. U.S. GOVERNMENT USERS: The Software and user documentation qualify as commercial items as defined at 48 C.F.R. 2.101 and 48 C.F.R. 12.212. All U.S. Government users acquire the Software and user documentation with only those rights herein that apply to non-governmental customers. Use of either the Software or user documentation or.

Learn how to change your WiFi Channel in Xfinity xFi Wifi Analyzer will give you useful information about wireless signal around you. We have almost 1 million of install on other platforms. - helps you to find better place for wifi receiver - gives you information about each one wifi channel - show signal strength in history graph - recommends you best channel for new AP Could NOT be working on Windows 10 Insider Preview (beta version of upgrade.

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Internet Zu Langsam? Geniales Gerät Sorgt Für Highspeed Internet! Wifi Boost: Geniales Gerät Bringt Schnelles Internet Zurück Ins Haus A. For best performance, you should choose a channel at least 5 channels from y our neighbors' networks. Although 802.11b and 802.11g devices are designed to share the airwaves with neighboring.

Use 20 MHz or 40 MHz channels for high-density deployments; For high-density deployments, it is essential to choose lower channel widths, such as 20 MHz and 40 MHz. With 80MHz channels, there are just five non-overlapping channels, while for 160 MHz, there are only two non-overlapping channels. This makes it hard to deploy the higher channel. Using many Wi-Fi access points around a large building or area, frequency planning is essential so that the best performance can be obtained from the wireless LAN. Even for home systems where Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi repeaters are used, it is helpful to understand which frequencies are available and how these can be best used. By using some simple settings in the Wi-Fi router and wireless. Understanding 2.4GHz channels. There are up to 11 channels (in North America) that Wi-Fi devices can use in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, but as you'll see, that number is very misleading. Keep in mind there is overlap between the channels. For instance, if you set a wireless router or access point (AP) to channel 6, it actually uses channels 4. Advanced Channels are configured in interface wireless channels menu. This menu contains ordered list of user-defined channels that can be grouped by means of list property. Channels have the following properties: name - name by which this channel can be referred to. If name is not specified when adding channel, it will be automatically generated from channel frequency and width; list - name.

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Because of the lack of available non-overlapping channels in 2.4GHz spectrum, it's best to optimize WiFi using 5 GHz on 20 MHz channel widths. With this recommendation in mind, we are allowed 25 non-overlapping channels in the 5GHz spectrum. Enough channels for a reliable channel re-use plan. With predictive planning software, it is possible to determine which channels are overlapping and. Note: If you are using a Panoramic Wifi Gateway, use only one SSID/Network name for both networks. Refer to Using a Single In-Home WiFi Network Name and Password. The optimal channel setting for each wireless network is automatic, or auto. Auto allows the WiFi Modem or router to select the channel with the least amount of congestion. Internet.

Use the above apps to analyse your WiFi connections and select the channels which are least crowded to get the best possible speeds on your smartphone or computer. Utilising these apps is as important as buying a high-speed plan and a good router. So what are you waiting for, download these best WiFi analyzer apps and configure your WiFi connection now. Let us know in the comment section about. Non-Overlapping Channels As I previously detailed in my post on the impact of 802.11ac on enterprise networks, these wide channel widths may not be realistic to use in an enterprise environment where multiple access points are deployed on non-overlapping channels and co-channel interference must be minimized.To recap: 80 MHz wide channels allow for five (5) non-overlapping channels in the U.S. You can manually pick another channel using the method outlined below, allowing you to opt for a channel that not many other local networks are using and therefore potentially improving your speeds. While you can just hop from one channel to the next and see which has the better connection for you, it's a bit more efficient to use an app tool to discover which are less crowded. WiFi. I recently moved into a condo and have a 100mbps plan, but my wifi was only getting 4Mbps using Speedtest. Using Wifi Analyzer showed I was on Channel 6 along with about 6 others. Channel 11 only one had one other, so I changed my wifi signal to use channel 11. Immediately after I ran Speedtest and got 87Mbps. Edit

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Channels are like highway, there are 9 to 13 channels available for public WiFi Wireless usage, certain channels are off limit for military and police usage, thus making the available channels for public usage limited, therefore more congested. If you live in a densely populated area, such as a condominium, chances are your neighbors are tuning into the same channels. The best channel is the. Acrylic WiFi Professional is a perfect tool for advanced users, professional WiFi network analysts, and administrators. Acrylic WiFi has various WiFi Software for Windows. It is the WiFi Analyzer that provides the functionalities for analyzing the WiFi network health, finding out the best channel for the WiFi network and any AP misconfiguration Here we take TL-WR1043ND user interface as an example and then please go to Wireless->Wireless settings and change the channel settings, the default value is Auto and here we recommend select 1, 6 or 11 if you suffer high wireless interference

How to optimize your Wi-Fi network with Wifi Analyzer - CNE

Intel provides advanced Wi-Fi adapter settings in their drivers that may be used to maximize wireless performance and prevent intermittent connection loss. These settings may vary based on the capabilities of each model's Wi-Fi card. This article provides a general explanation of each advanced setting and how to access them in Windows. Notes: To find your computer's wireless adapter, refer to. I would say 20Mhz low power 4EVA. Unless you have no neighbors. The nature of WiFi is a large crowded room where everyone's speaking different languages. It's actually easier for you to ignore different languages than people speaking your own or a.. So if you are told that you can use four channels when making your channel selections, this is not advisable and you should stick to the reliable and time tested three channel configuration. Comparing Three- and Four-Channel Systems; Channels Throughput (KB) 1, 6, and 11: 601.1: 1, 4, 8, and 11: 348.9: Access Point (AP) layout. The simplest wireless network contains only one AP and that the.

This means there's a strong chance that your wireless network is using the same channel as all of your neighbors. You can use a wireless scanner tool (such as Actiontec's free mobile app, WiFi Assistant) to scan the activity on each channel. If you find out that there's a lot of congestion on your particular network channel, then you should pick a new channel. Changing the Channel. If. Follow these tips to get the best performance from your range extender: Select a higher wireless channel on your router. We recommend using channels 149-165. For more information, visit What do I need to know before selecting a different wireless channel?. Enable One WiFi Name. For more information, visit How do I enable or disable One WiFi Name on my Nighthawk Tri-Band WiFi Range Extender? It will show you the wireless channels nearby networks are using and recommend the ideal network for you to use — one that isn't being used by as many networks. This app will also allow you to walk around the area and see where you get the best signal and where the signal is weakest - you can do this with any other device, too. If multiple wireless networks are competing for the same.

On 5GHz WiFi there are more channels and less interference, both are important for fast wireless communications. The bandwidth can even be increased multifold by combining channels. 5GHz was introduced in 802.11a, but the radios were expensive and the band didn't gain popularity. 802.11n was defined for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, which finally launched 5GHz use. The latest 802.11ac is only. Resolve Channel Conflict When you set up your wireless access point, you can use a scanner to look at the spectrum in your area. For example, if your network is operating in the 2.4 GHz band, you might notice that another network is already using channel 6. In this case, either channel 1 or 11 would be a better choice Best Wi-Fi extenders of 2020: top devices for boosting your WiFi network By Matt Hanson 22 September 2020 Get Wi-Fi in every room with the best Wi-Fi Extender Lower channels have higher transmit power. The frequencies that are lower, penetrate walls and obstructions more easily. Depending on your router you might need to use a higher channel to get larger transmit power. Juat pick a channel with the best signal strength then pick the lowest channel The Best Wireless Routers for 2020 These days your Wi-Fi router not only connects you to the Internet, but often your job, too. Here's what you need to build the best home network along with.

Like the two previous apps in the list, it will help you locate the best position to place your own WiFi router and also the best channel to configure on your devices for the lowest interference. Keep in mind that it works only on Windows for now. 4) NetSpot. Like many other network analyzers, NetSpot offers the same type of analytics involving signal strength and coverage, where you can move. Best channel is 1, 6 or 11. Pick the one where the nearest signal to yours is at least 20dB lower than yours. Those channels don't overlap the other channels.are best to use Whereas most countries use channels 1 to 14. Representation of 2.4 GHz band Channels [1] While the US uses channels 1,6, and 11 to minimize Co-Channel Interference especially in Wireless. How to Use airView to Find the Best Channel ; airView Graphs; Introduction. Back to Top. To optimize the performance of a wireless network, the network designer should seek the best SNR (Signal‑to‑Noise Ratio) possible. Signal level can be predicted and planned based on the transmit power, antenna gain, distance, and frequency band. However. 8 Best WiFi Analyzer App for Android in 2020 (Best WiFi Analyzer Android) Last Updated on: September 24, 2020 by Valerie We all use WiFi on a regular basis but seldom do we check for its quality

8 Best WiFi Analyzer and WiFi Channel Scanner Apps to

The coordinator sets the channel the network will use, so it is best to make sure it will set a channel that all the other devices are configured to use. As some older chips are limited to which channels they can use it is important that the coordinator does not select a channel some chips cannot use. Coordinators should be set for 0x1ffe; Routers and End nodes should be configured for as wide. For those who are looking for a WiFi router solution that will blanket their whole home in signal, a mesh system is an excellent choice, and the Orbi is the best model for the task. While the.

What are the 5Ghz non-DFS, non-overlapping channels? | The Hub

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Most consumer access points (APs), such as wireless routers, use a preset channel that gets set at the factory and doesnt get changed. This can result in congested channels, which can slow down your Wi-Fi network performance. This is especially true if there are a lot of Wi-Fi networks around you. Before changing your channel, its important to look at network performance in different places of. With WiFi monitor Plus, you can improve WiFi performance by keeping track of the WiFi channels and their interference.The tool will identify APs signal strength and filter them from weakest to strongest. It will also allow you to survey sites using floor plans and create heatmaps. Key Features: AP Scans; Signal strength graphs; Heat-map

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So, using the same channel may be unusual in the normal context but very workable. If you want the base to use a different channel, simply use a long Ethernet cable or WiFi extender to physically separate the base from the router How to use Acrylic WiFi Network Scanner on Windows. Both Acrylic WiFi Professional and Acrylic WiFi Free are advanced WiFi network scanners for collecting detailed wireless network performance information, which is useful to both advanced users and professional wireless network administrators. The latest WiFi Acrylic software versions represent 20Mhz, 40Mhz, 80Mhz and 160Mhz channel width on. Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!! Shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router

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