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  1. A bunch of Beca x Chloe stories. If there are any grammatical errors I am sorry. Anyways, some of the stories might be a little cringe, I didn... bechloe; sendrick; chloe +1 more #14. Bully or Crush - A Bechloe Story by bechloe1stan. 38.4K 1K 29. Beca bullies Chloe. But a thing Chloe doesn't know is that Beca bullies her because she just can't tell her her true feelings... Should she ever do.
  2. g into Chloe's core, and knew a change in position was needed, as she turned herself awkwardly until she was straddling her girlfriend, thankful that her bath had wide sides. Chloe didn't have time to question the change of position as Beca's hand shot between their.
  3. Beca is new at Barden University, Chloe a senior. When Beca met Chloe into the showers, she falls for her, but when she heard Chloe have an relationship with Tom she deny her feelings. Beca admit her feelings towards Chloe to her dad, but he's not happy about that and left her on her own. Ever..
  4. g can be heard down the hall, but slowly Chloe gets close to Beca and she's pinned to the wall. Without thinking the fighting turns into Beca giving in to Chloe cuz she couldn't resist her if she tried

Chloe Beale/Beca Mitchell (52) Beca Mitchell/Aubrey Posen (48) Beca Mitchell/Jesse Swanson (5) Chloe Beale & Beca Mitchell (5) Chloe Beale & Aubrey Posen (5) Cynthia-Rose Adams/Stacie Conrad (5) Stacie Conrad/Beca Mitchell (4) Beca Mitchell & Aubrey Posen (3) Exclude Additional Tags Fluff (15) Threesome - F/F/F (15) Alternate Universe (9) Polyamory (9) Angst (7) Smut (7) Romance (6) Alternate. Aber Beca du weißt doch selber nicht ob du auf sie stehst^ sagt ich mir immer wieder. Immer wieder ging mit chloe durch denn Kopf und konnte meine Tränen nicht zurück halten. Aber warum ich ging in Gedanken die Ereignisse mit chloe durch und mir wurde klar ich liebe sie. Ich legte mich in mein Bett und mein Kopf sagte wieder^ Chloe wird dich. Beca und Chloe sind seit etlichen Jahren glücklich verheiratet und unzertrennlich. Es gibt nichts, was die Eine nicht über die Andere weiß. Trotz Becas bekannter Abneigung gegen den Valentinstag möchte Chloe diesen Tag gebührend feiern, kann sie doch nicht ahnen, dass sie damit etwas Tragisches in Gang setzt. - Bechloe - Staubrey - Disclaimer: Die PP-Figuren gehören mir nicht und ich. Steca fanfic! Chloe gets accepted into Med school causing her to break up with Beca leaving her heart broken. But thanks to the help of Stacie and the rest of the Bellas she focuses on her music. Beca's journey to the top of the music industry while getting over heartbreak

Beca walked out the double doors and was met by the sight of Chloe and Chicago kissing. Finally she grinned smiling at the pair and crossing her arms. She was happy Chloe finally found Love. And Chicago is hot, go Chloe! Beca watched as Chicago and Chloe were now hugging and giving light pecks to one another. She looks happy. Beca was happy. Chloe/Beca is a very popular Femslash pairing in the Pitch Perfect fandom. Canon. Chloe and Beca first meet when Beca tries to recruit Chloe to audition for the Bellas, in which she rebuffs it saying she can't sing. Chloe realizes that Beca has a voice during a shower scene when she hears Beca sings Titanium and convinces her via an amazing duet that auditioning might not be a bad idea after.

Beca's head throbbed. She wasn't sure how much alcohol she had consumed, but the last thing she remembered was Stacie starting 'never have I ever.' Slowly, she crawled out of bed, realizing that it wasn't her own. With a swift look down, Beca was painfully aware of her lack of clothing. Only her undergarments remained. Next to her had been lying Chloe Beca, wake up, please sweetie,. She continues to try and rouse the sleeping woman. Beca's eyes snap open and she's gasping for air. It's okay, you're safe now Beca, no one can hurt you. Chloe says as she can see the fear in her friend's eyes, laced with something that she can't quite put her finger on Beca is sent to Barden University to conduct her surveillance using his daughter Chloe but what Beca encounters is a girl who manages to make her feel things she hasn't felt in over eight years. bechloe beca x chloe fanfic. 7 notes. Reblog. two girls, one beca (1/1) Beca/Chloe Rating: T Word Count: 3210 Summary: A new girl enters Beca's life. Written for Bechloe Week 2020 Day 7: Panic or Jealousy. READ ON AO3. Bechloe is the femslash ship between Beca Mitchell and Chloe Beale from the Pitch Perfect fandom. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Trivia Chloe first met Beca in Pitch Perfect, when she tries to recruit her to audition for the Bellas, in which she rebuffs it saying she can't sing. Chloe often defended her to Aubery and got a little too close for comfort. Chloe is also very more understanding of.

Beca, Chloe, and Aubrey all have a past, when they were younger; they were approached by a random stranger with a proposition. They now work for John Smith, as his 'angels' fighting crime, and. If it's not « beautiful » I'm sorry but I don't have the time because I have my exams. Pairing: Beca/Chloe Genre: Drama, Angst, Alternate Universe Word Count: 3,342 Disclaimer: Characters are not mine Trigger warnings: Gender dysphoria, self harm. Summary: Individual moments and behaviors didn't seem alarming when observed by themselves, but adding them all together equaled a giant problem that Chloe didn't notice til it was almost too late. By that point, Beca had almost. It disgusted Beca, that even with a concussion, that guy made Chloe believe her problems were less important than his. It encouraged her to be extra nice to the redhead. And apart from that, Beca obviously couldn't avoid the fact that Chloe was absolutely gorgeous. She couldn't help the butterflies in her stomach when Chloe smiled at her

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Pitch Perfect is a movie featuring an ensemble cast of misfit, diverse girls singing songs acapella, it easily passes the Bechdel Test and was a surprise hit. Actors starring in major or fan favourite roles in this movie include Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell, the protagonist, Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy, Skylar Astin as Jesse Swanson, Anna Camp as Aubrey Posen, Brittany Snow as Chloe Beale bechloe, beca, chloe, beca mitchell, chloe beale, anna kendrick, bretagne schnee, sendrick, absolutes gehör, pitch perfekt 2, pp2, tonhöhe, perfekt Bechloe - Beca und Chloe - Pitch Perfect 2 iPhone Flexible Hüll

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Chloe's a doctor and she meets Beca at the hospital when the brunette is hurt in an accident. The two get close but Beca has a secret that stops her from wanting to have a relationship with Chloe. This is the first fanfiction I read for Bechloe, and it's utterly amazing. The way she portrayed their relationship is amazing. Her. High Seas Part III | Pitch Perfect: Beca and Chloe Fanfiction. High Seas (Part Three) Writer: klowee Rating: PG-13 Pairing: Beca/Chloe Words: 1,325 Summary: AU, Beca's father takes her on a cruise as a graduation gift. She thinks she's going to hate it until she meets a crew of people who are awesome on the high sea Chloe is about to parry back as she steps out of the kitchen when Charlie begins to coo and cry softly from her bassinet. Chloe freezes and turns to look at the bassinet, then back at Beca who manages to adopt her own wide-eyed expression. I- Chloe seems torn between leaving and staying. Beca refuses to budge. Looks like she doesn. Fanfiction - Pitch Perfect - Triple Treble . Fandom: Pitch Perfect Pairing: Beca/Aubrey/Chloe Rating: PG Length: ± 700 Disclaimer: nothing is mine. A.N. English is not my first language. This is for slacker_d, who wanted more TT and accepted to be my beta. Stop! Aubrey yelled. You did it wrong. Again. What's the problem? she put her hands on her hips. Last practice you did it. iPad-Hüllen & Cover zum Thema Beca in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designer..

# Beca x Chloe # to be with you # fanfiction; To Be With You: Chapter Update. Title: To Be With You. Rated: T. Words: 333. Summary: Beca thinks a relationship between her and Chloe could never work, and so she tells Chloe her reasons. Chloe, however, has a comeback for each one. A/N: I'm so sorry for not updating quickly! I'll try to have another chapter up by tomorrow or in a few days. Anonymous asked: beca and chloe reunite under heartbreaking circumstances // tw: death, funerals, angst . There's a pulsing ache at the pit of her stomach that Beca's never felt before. It's an all-consuming ache; one that threatens to crush her or swallow her whole, and Beca's not sure which she'd prefer. A quick breeze brushes past her and she lets out a shaky sigh, fingers. Summary: Chloe & Beca are in Paris together, Chloe struggles to be able to see everything she wants to see and Beca has a plan to get her to experience the beauty that is Paris. This was made via a fanfiction game I did in tumblr requesting 3 things a pairing, a place and a thing. This request was by an Anon who requested Bechloe in Paris and a motorbike. Rating: K. Author.

Beca-x-Chloe Beca x Chloe ~ Bechloe . Watch. Home ; About Us ; Gallery ; Favourites ; Journal ; Join our Group Send a Beca x Chloe Fanfiction Anna x Brittany LJ Community ~*~We Are Listed At~*~ No Comments. The Beca x Chloe Group!!! November 16, 2019 No Comments No Favourites. Prev; Next; Recent Journal Entries . Nov 16, 2019 The Beca x Chloe Group!!! Journal Writers. Winry-x-Sheska-Club 1. - Chloe gave Beca many hints that she was interested for example the tent scene, only to be shut down with You're so weird - I highly recommend reading this post X which summarises Chloe perfectly. What it comes down to is that all Chloe wanted was for Beca to be happy, even if that meant it wasn't with her. But what about Chloe? She deserves happiness more than any person I know. FanFiction. Just In. Community . Forum. More. for beca you're an idiot idk why Stacie and Aubrey are still falling for this girl right now I hope Chloe keeps a distance from her until she figures out what the hell beca wants. 10/10/2015 c14 guest I hope none of them forgive beca this is ridiculous I'm glad Chloe is staying away. 10/10/2015 c14 2 wolfie2451 Who did she text? 10/10/2015 c14.

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DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art Beca is stood up, but Chloe swoops in. Words: 700. A Bechloe oneshot that I've wanted to write for ages. It's probably been done a few times before but I thought I'd try it out. This is my first ever fanfic so let's not be dicks about it. Beca doesn't really know why she bothered. You gotta get out there, Bec

Fic Idea: Beca and Chloe have been best friends since middle school. Beca is studious and shy, and whilst Chloe is intelligent, she's also popular and outgoing. Just before senior year, Beca is diagnosed with cancer but doesn't tell Chloe, and shuts everybody out, retreating back into her own world of music. When Chloe confronts Beca about her strange behaviour, Chloe accidentally admits. Dolor et Potentia - Beca x Chloe. Author: CyanideOcean Pairing: Beca x Chloe Summary: Beca's secretly been longing for Chloe ever since the ginger walked in on her in the shower, just as Chloe wanted Beca. However Chloe's with Tom and Beca ends up getting kissed by Jesse, which Chloe witnesses. Rating: M Word Count: 5, 332. Or on AO Amazing @djbmitchellworld posted 1. chapter of her fanfic and I truly recommend you guys to go and read it.. :-) It's totally great story and you won't regret it.. :-) She's an awesome writer.. :-) Posted 1 month ago 4 notes . Tagged: Mitchsen, Beca and Aubrey, Endgame, Pitch Perfect, Bechloe, Friendship, When Darkness Falls, Fanfic, . snowbritt: no idea how she figured it out tbh.

Beca returns to the Bellas, finding them in a fight and utter chaos, due to disagreement between Aubrey and Chloe when the latter defends Beca and clearly says that Beca makes us better during a rehearsal. At the ICCA finals, the Bellas return with a fresh new look, a modern set list, and an energizing choreography. Appearance Edit. Beca is pretty, with wavy brown hair and dark blue eyes. To Beca's amazement, Bella is smiling and being genuinely happy as Chloe bounce her around the room. She's not being fussy, there's no tears in sight and Beca makes the mistake of easing up a little bit, thinking it wouldn't be so hard as she thought it would be Beca and Chloe (bechloe) Home; Wiki; Images; Videos; Articles; Links; Forum; Wall; Polls; Quiz; Answers; 3,550 viewers Become a Fan. create a question Beca and Chloe (bechloe) Pop Quiz. Sort by: Recently Created | Most Popular | Difficulty. Showing beca and chloe (bechloe) quiz questions (1 of 1) « Previous | Next » When do Chloe and Beca first meet. 3 fans have answered this question No one.

Ich bin Beca ich liebe Beca aber Chloe auch. Sagen wir es so ich liebe Bechloe HunterOfFire (Gast, ID: 52201) vor 1086 Tagen flag. 30% Chloe, 30% FatAmy.... Alles klar, nice :D . shirin (Gast, ID: 25281) vor 1127 Tagen flag. Ich bin Chloe am ähnlichsten! Leonie (Gast, ID: 22633) vor 1184 Tagen flag. Ich bin Chloe. Beschreibung passt 1 zu 1 zu mir. SEHR SEHR SEHR GUTES QUIZZ. Tags: Beca Mitchell Chloe Beale bechloe bechloe fic rec were!chloe fanfiction werewolf au werewolves Aubrey Posen Emily Junk Junksen. Text. October 27, 2018 126 notes. Camp Beaverbrook | Bechloe/Junksen . DESCRIPTION: In the year 1989 four girls are sent to Camp Beaverbrook as counselors for a summer of fun. Things start to take a dark turn when odd things start to happen around the camp. After an exciting night for Beca's career, Beca and Chloe decide to get married on a whim (based on the episode of Parks & Rec where Leslie and Ben get married). #i love this #queen ry #bechloe #fanfic #sayitwithyourhxnds. beca-mitchell. September 18 562 notes. beca-mitchell. 1000 days of misery (december 22, 2017 - september 17, 2020) #:(((((#pitch perfect #bechloe #anna kendrick #brittany. Pitch Perfect (2012) Anna Kendrick as Beca. Tommy : Listen up, A-ca-ballers. I have been rejected by the Army, shoved into a Dora The Explorer backpack, and pushed into the girls' locker room wearing nothing but suspenders Fanfiction - Pitch Perfect - Rain, a Mitchsen drabble . Title: Rain Fandom: Pitch Perfect Pairing: Beca/Aubrey Rating: PG Length: ± 300 Disclaimer: nothing is mine. A.N. English is not my first language. Thanks to slacker_d, for the help. You're late, Aubrey announced opening the door. What on the earth happened? she frowned at Beca, who was standing on her doorstep completely soaked.

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Beca (Anna Kendrick) and Chloe (Brittany Snow) had multiple relationships throughout the three musical movies, but never the one a passionate fandom wanted them to have — the one that featured. Fanfiktion-» Film-» Pitch Perfect. Springe zu den Kommentaren. Pitch Perfect: Willkommen an der Barden University Teil 3. 2 Kapitel - 735 Wörter - Erstellt von: Bella Mitchell - Entwickelt am: 23.05.2015 - 3.511 mal aufgerufen- Die Geschichte ist fertiggestellt Hier kommt der nächste Teil von Bella Mitchell! 1 Ich schlug hinter mir die Tür zu und ging auf den Campus. Als ich Chloe sah.

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Chloe says suddenly. Beca looks up from her laptop, brows raising slightly. They had been sitting quietly, Chloe studying and Beca mixing. Beca sets her laptop onto the coffee table and sits up a little. Usually when someone says that, it means I'm probably going to be mad. But I'll try She says warily. Chloe bites her lip, setting her book aside and sitting up. She looks anywhere. Fanfic Wednesday: stare into the sky until we're blind stare into the sky until we're blind by lescousinsdangereux Pairings: Chloe/Beca Mitchell Fandom(s): Pitch Perfect Word Count: 23,782 Author's Summary Chloe Beale has one rule. Just one. Had she known that the odd combination of hair dye, a crappy old convertible, sixty-plus hours of driving, a mix CD, and one Beca. chloe/beca fanfic. Fanfic Wednesday: Proving Them Right Fanfiction by T. C. May 13, 2020 May 13, 2020. Posts navigation. Create a website or blog at WordPress.com. About Us; Submission Guidelines.

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Fanfiction.net Beca and Chloe are at the start of their new relationship, but Chloe has a home truth that comes to light on their first date. There isn't much Beca can do to help the situation without severe consequences for Chloe, but she learns that sometimes just being there for someone is enough. Bechloe fanfic Summary: Beca wants to scream, let the world know how wrong this feels. How she can't imagine being Beca without Chloe in her life. How she will never be okay in her life again if Chloe is not a part of it. notes: still one of my fave angst fics. i stand by it. in the middle of my chaos, there was you. by themetgayla (3,029 words, complete

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Everything is Pitch Perfect, (or any of the cast), related. Mainly Bechloe/Sendrick/Anna Kendrick/Brittany Sno Chloe put it down to Beca being a girly girl until she hit puberty. Maybe Izzy just liked pink. Who were they to tell her what to wear, right? The orange back light of the clock read 8:15pm as Chloe pulled into the garage of their apartment. She quickly exited the car, making the short trip to the elevator and pressing her thumb to the penthouse lock and rolled her neck. Two stops to let Mrs. M.fanfiction.net Of course. Beca's cheeks grew hot and her heartbeat picked up as well. Beca got behind the redhead and wrapped her arms around Chloe's stomach meeting the redheads hands. Chloe made the bold move to hold the DJ's hands. The brunette flinched slightly but then relaxed enjoying the contact. Chloe fell asleep in Beca's arms in. Chloe hesitated. She didn't lie to Aubrey. Not anymore. Not even by omission. Other than Stacie, Aubrey was the one person with whom Chloe was completely, 100% honest. Still, she wasn't sure Aubrey would approve of the way she and Beca had met, and she wasn't sure Beca would be thrilled about her telling Aubrey about it either. Read the. chloe accidentally says 'i love you' to beca for the first time over the phone. long distance is hard. thekidkendrick. 678 999 8212 酪 Source: darby-carter. 1,433 notes Dec 13th, 2019.

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Beca x Chloe. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Beca x Chloe. Follow me on fanfiction.net @ alyssa-gibson. my main tumblr is k-alyssa. Posts; Ask me anything; Submit a post; Archive; k-alyssa. k-alyssa. i obviously love a good snapchat filter so add me @ lyssakennedy. 2 notes Mar 13th, 2019. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet. Beca signs in question, a smirk curving the corner of her lips. Chloe loves the happiness on Beca's face, the way her cheeks are tinged pink with excitement. Chloe giggles and nods. Beca just shakes her head and grins, taking Chloe's hand in hers as the four of them sit around the dining room table. She looks to Stacie and raises a brow I'm Pretty Cool, Your Gonna Like Me Lover of all things Pitch Perfect...but especially Bechloe! Come on over and read my stories on FF.net (bechloe-bible-49) and on AO3 (bechloe_bible_49) Main blog: www.actively-anxious.tumblr.co That! Beca said, pointing. If you do that then you'll make Chloe- It's true! Chloe called out, sobbing and running to Emily. Fucking. Hell. Beca and I are dating! Chloe hugged Emily to try and prevent her from crying. I'm sorry we didn't tell you, this is all just really new and we didn't want to say.

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As histórias postadas no site são criações originais ou ficções criadas por fãs — fanfiction. Viaje por novos mundos, navegue em realidades paralelas, descubra novos universos. Limpe sua mente e deixe-se levar pelas histórias aqui contadas So Chloe sat in an uncomfortable chair for two hours while Beca slept beside her. And Chloe thanked God every second. When Beca finally stirred at 3:30am, Chloe had fallen asleep with her head on Beca's bed. I didn't die then, Beca mumbled, resting her hand on Chloe's head and clumsily trying to brush the hair from her face História Last Five Years - Bechloe - História escrita por _supergayclois_ - Cinco anos se passaram desde que Chloe e Beca terminaram.. agora a ruiva vai se casar c.

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  1. d. Being on top had brought a whole new set of sensations, along with a change in do
  2. <p>So that you'll never fear the darkness, the darkness of night She hates that she's the cause of the sudden panic in Beca's voice, and kneels before her. </p> <p>Better? Chloe whispered, and Beca nodded, her face still buried against Chloe's shoulder. Ow, Becs!. </p> <p>The sun is already sliding up over the horizon, and they're both exhausted. </p> <p>She presses a.
  3. a huge fan and I made this, beca... Backstreet boys - I promise you with everything I am - YouTube I Promise You (With Everything I Am) Lyrics. [Verse 1: Brian] It's in the silences. The words you never say. I see it in your eyes. It always starts the same way. It seems like everyone we know Backstreet Boys - I Promise You (With Everything I Am Hillsong United - With Everything.

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12.Eki.2020 - Pinterest'te Zuleyha Buyukatli adlı kullanıcının Harry potter filmleri panosunu inceleyin. Harry potter filmleri, Harry potter, Film hakkında daha fazla fikir görün Pp3 Mask Amazo v. harry potter fanfiction archive fanfiction. lt l amp ffice of tbe raar qtonf ibant. um jantar pra jesus duduca e dalvan. loads of albums 2 facebook. glotels. les 21 vrits caches sur la marijuana kanamugire m d. so snh tm kim gip mua c gi r uy tn v tt nht. tlcharger vrits caches le secret de lily policier ep2. 11 septembre les v©rit©s cach©es french edition by. dragon ball budokai 2. vie.

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