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4NEC2 is a free NEC (Numerical Electromagnetic Code) based on antenna modeling and optimization software written by Arie Voors. 4NEC2 is written for Windows operating system. To run 4NEC2 in Ubuntu, I use Wine as an installation tool for the reasons I have described in my previous posts. Here are 4NEC2 installation steps in Ubuntu using Win 4NEC2 use under Linux wine v 0.98 - 22MAR06 Hi all! For about a year now I have been trying to get Arie's program to work properly under Linux. There were various issues, the main being the launch of the BAT file that does the calculation. I think I have finally cracked it. I started off with SuSE 9.3's wine and found things wouldn't work. Thanks for downloading and reading this Definitive Guide to the widely popular 4NEC2 Antenna Modeling software. 4NEC2 is a NEC based antenna modeler and optimizer developed by Arie Voors. This is a 3 rd party book and is not connected to Arie in any way. If you find mistakes in this book, they are all mine Will man endgespeiste Antennen mit 4NEC2 rechnen, so benötigt man ein minimales Radial in der Größenordnung von 0,05 Lambda, also bei 20 m Wellenlänge ein Radial von etwa 1 m. Die Antenne hat zwar eine für DX niedrige Abstrahlung (18 Grad), aber die Abstahleffektivität liegt bei dieser Antenne bei nur 25,64 Prozent

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Numerical Electromagnetic Code (NEC) based antenna modeler and optimizer by Arie Voors: 4nec2 is a completely free Nec2, Nec4 and windows based tool for creating, viewing, optimizing and checking 2D and 3D style antenna geometry structures and generate, display and/or compare near/far-field radiation patterns for both the starting and experienced antenna modeler 4nec2 is a completely free Nec2, Nec4 and windows based tool for creating, viewing, optimizing and checking 2D and 3D style antenna geometry structures and generate, display and/or compare near/far-field radiation patterns for both the starting and experienced antenna modeler The default units in 4nec2 are meters. Defining the center frequency to be 299.8 MHz makes a wavelength 1 meter Antennas in Linux by Joey Bernard. on March 14, 2019. For this article, I want to introduce a piece of software I've actually used recently in my own work. My new day job involves studying the ionosphere using an instrument called an ionosonde. This device is basically a giant radio transmitter that bounces radio waves off the ionosphere to see its structure and composition. Obviously, an.

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  1. Provided by: nec_2-16_amd64 NAME nec2, nec2small - Numerical Electromagnetics Code (Antenna Modelling Program) SYNOPSIS nec2 [INPUT] [OUTPUT] nec2small [INPUT] [OUTPUT] DESCRIPTION nec2, is a versatile numerical Boundary Element Method (commonly called Method of Moments) antenna modelling code for the analysis of antennas and other metal structures
  2. Problem mit 4nec2 und Wine unter Linux/Ubuntu 7.10. Zitieren; Beitrag von 2240426 » Fr 19. Okt 2007, 15:15 . Ich hab heute auf meinem Laptop die neueste Version von Ubuntu Linux (7.10) installiert. Soweit läuft alles einwandfrei, nur 4nec2 läuft mit Wine nicht mehr. Mit Ubuntu 7.04 gab es keine Probleme. Es lief sogar ohne die Maßnahmen die auf der 4nec2 Webseite zur Benutzung mit Wine.
  3. 4nec2 is easy to use and comes with a basic 3D editor to help novices create antenna models, compare field patterns, generate SWR charts and learn in the process. However, it also features options..
  4. NEC2++ is a free (GPL v2) electromagnetic simulation software compatable with NEC-2. It has been rewritten from the ground up. Nec2++ consists of a library that can be called from C++, C, python and Ruby, and so it can incorporated into other projects like GUI tools and automatic antenna optimization systems
  5. Im having my son work on the Linux solution, heh) Well, he came over and it turns out putting 4nec2 on Ubuntu 9.04 is easier than I thought, and simpler than the directions over at Arie Voors site. :p The key was just to download two M$ visual basic 6 runtime files : msvbvm60.dll and..
  6. Hi! I created the following nec2 file with notepad and the nec editor in 4nec2. CM BiQuad CE SY A=0.023 SY B=2*A SY R=0.0006 SY H=0.015 SY RX=0.123 S

There are two ways to run MMANA-GAL software on Ubuntu Linux. First, use a Virtual Machine that runs the Windows operating system, and the second is to use windows emulator. For reasons of ease and amount of computation to be run, I chose to use windows emulator that is Wine. I've tried installing MMANA-GAL in VMWare runnin Antennenbau mit 4NEC2 und NEC2. Bild 1: Das 4NEC2-Hauptfenster. Es informiert über die wichtigsten Antennenparameter und ist zentrale Steuerstelle für alle Fenster. NEC2 ist ein Programm zur Berechnung der elektromagnetischen Eigenschaften von Antennen. Für militärische Zwecke wurde es 1981 von G. J. Burke und A. J. Poggio entwickelt. 4NEC2 ist eine grafische Oberfläche zu NEC2, die von

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While it would be nice if my computer was quick enough to get through the loading screens as fast as is shown in this video, I really just cut them out of th.. (Linux, GPL) Die letzte Version stammt aus dem Jahr 2006 und läuft leider recht instabil. Es gibt mittlerweile jede Menge grafisch unschöne Stellen und, schlimmer noch, auch diverse Bugs, die einen Crash verursachen. Logic Simulator. With LogicSim you can design and simulate digital logic circuits with logic gates like AND, OR, FlipFlop, etc. HS-FIR-Compiler. steepestascent.com 14 day.

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4NEC2_helical_gen. source code to generate .nec files for helical wire antennas. Purpose is to generate simulations that will help with the mechanical design of the antenna. Code Structure. Will have a class to handle creating the correct geometry for the antenna. Then we'll use a handler to translate the geometry into a .nec file for simulation Linux 3D GUI Convergence detector Mesher Algorithm Area of application NEC: open source Yes Yes Yes In some distributions Yes manual MoM: Antenna modeling, especially in Amateur Radio. Widely used as the basis for many GUI-based programs on many platforms (including popular distributions such as 4nec2 and EZnec on Windows, xnec2c on Linux, and cocoaNEC for Mac OS X). Version 2 is open source.

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